Amusement machine spare parts list for video game, fruit machine, arcade machines and pintables. Spares items are new where stated and all other spares are used reclaimed parts from old games. Available "on line" only. No other printed catalogue or information is available. We have described the parts as best we can and have included the manufacturers part number and pictures where available, but if you require further information, please let us know. Delivery prices are for UK only. Overseas orders will be subject to an extra charge to be advised.

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We have more spares that we can possibly list.
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#. Manufacturers part number.
Assy. Assembly.
AWP. Amusement with prize. (Fruit machine).
Dia. Diameter.
DPDT. Double pole, double throw.
EM. Electro-Mechanical.
GI. General Illumination.
I/P. Input.
LED. Light emitting diode.
LOPT. Line output transformer.
MBC. Miniature bayonet cap.
MCC. Miniature centre contact.
MED RES. Medium Resolution.
MES. Miniature Edison screw.
NOS. New Old Stock.
O/P. Output.
POA. Price on application. (Prices from suppliers unstable).
PSU. Power Supply Unit.
SCC. Single centre contact.
SMPSU. Switch mode power supply unit.
SPDT. Single pole, double throw.
SS. Solid State.
STD RES. Standard Resolution.
SWP. Skill with prize. (Quiz payout machine).